Polk Estate Series Red Cedar Cupola

The Estate Series Cupolas are elegantly designed and will make a great addition to your home.

Our Polk Estate Series Red Cedar Cupola features an octagonal configuration with windows and a 16 ounce, 24 gauge copper bell style roof. Cupola size is derived from the measurement of the base width.

Window Sizes
The 18", 22", 24", 42" and 48" cupolas feature 4 over 4 window panes with glass.
The 30" and 36" cupolas features 6 over 6 window panes with glass.
The 60" and 72" cupolas feature 3 over 3 over 3 with a center post.

The windows contain one sheet of glass.
The inside of the cupola can be accessed by removing one window section (2 or 3 screws).

Due to the width of cedar, the bases will be single (as shown), double or triple.
18", 22" and 24" have a single base.
30", 36", 42" and 48" have a double base.
60" and 72" have a triple base.

Extension Base
This cupola fits up to a 10/12 pitch roof.
An extension base is required to fit a roof greater than a 10/12 pitch.
For a 12/12 pitch, one extension base is required.
For a 14/12 pitch, two extension bases are required.
Please call for pricing.

All cupolas are weathervane ready. When installing a weathervane, a brass extenison rod is required.

Shipping is not included.
Call for delivery quote.

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BT5024VRed CedarPolk Cupola 24" Wide x 47" High$1,170.00
BT5030VRed CedarPolk Cupola 30" Wide x 57" High$1,514.00
BT5036VRed CedarPolk Cupola 36" Wide x 67" High$1,862.00
BT5042VRed CedarPolk Cupola 42" Wide x 77" High$2,149.00
BT5048VRed CedarPolk Cupola 48" Wide x 88" High$2,617.00
BT5060VRed CedarPolk Cupola 60" Wide x 107" High$3,675.00
BT5072VRed CedarPolk Cupola 72" Wide x 126" High$4,807.00
What is the pitch of the roof?
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